How Can I Increase My Followers on Instagram?

Social media is perhaps one of the modern inventions of the human race that has completely changed our outlook on life. Not only this but also how we perceive things from a professional and personal point of view has been altered because of this. We spend almost more than half a day on our social media applications for different purposes and simply put, we cannot even imagine a life without this phenomenon. This speaks volumes of how technology has become a significant part of our life and has taken a considerable part in our time. Social media is now not only used for the generation and sharing of information. Instead, it has evolved into a tool that significantly aids businesses in promoting and advertising their products and services. Different and famous social media applications initially designed for a specific purpose are now collectively serving as useful marketing tools.

One such application is Instagram. Indeed, Instagram has become one of the most famous and talked about applications in the world at the moment and that is why almost everyone wants to know how to grow Instagram followers. Instagram is a platform where users generate and share content and gain access to the necessary tools to conduct business online. Apart from this, online promotions and advertisements can also be run to ensure that the overall reach and engagement of the content increases every time.

Who are followers?

One of the building blocks on Instagram and also the most important element are the followers that we see on the application. The followers are people who either know you or like your content and so want to know and see more of your content; that is why they follow your page/account and gain access to seeing your content only if you allow them to follow your course. The greater the number of genuine organic followers, the greater are the possibilities that your account is both authentic and useful.

How to increase followers?

One of the primary goals of any personal or business account is to increase its number of organic followers. There are a variety of different ways to achieve this.

Post Regularly

Before moving on to the relatively new tips and tricks, it is essential to keep the basics right. Posting content regularly means that people get to see more of your content and become more aware of what you do or who you are. If you do not post regularly, you cannot expect to get more followers.

Promote Content

If you have a business account, the best way to gain followers is to run advertisements and promote your content to enable greater reach. If people like what they see, they will most likely end up following your account.

Instagram Growth Services

Having organic followers is critical since it adds to the authenticity and genuinely of your profile. One way of ensuring that you get maximum organic followers is by using Instagram growth services that enable the swift growth of your business account. This will help you grow Instagram followers.

What Is Considered Good Growth on Instagram

Virtually everyone wants to grow their Instagram influence. This has made a lot of people come up with strategies that promise you thousands of followers in just a short time. Some of these strategies include posting consistently, at least once a day, making live videos, uploading stories, studying and using quality hashtags, sharing user-generated content, hosting contests, engaging fans, and many more. 

Agreeably, these strategies work, with a large amount of persistence and consistency. But alas, you find out that some people are too busy to engage in all these strategies. Some of the brave ones that try it end up getting little followers or nothing at all. Now, this is where SimplyGram service comes in. 

SimplyGram is an Instagram organic growth service that offers to help gain more followers while you rest. Mind you; these followers are purely organic. By organic, I mean that these followers will actively participate in the things going on in your account. 

They will comment on your updates, like your posts, and also engage in contests that you organize, et.c. In summary, SimplyGram service grows your Instagram account. However, this tends to raise the question, “what is considered a good Instagram growth ?”. This article will explain how you can know a good Instagram growth. 

Things that are considered as good Instagram growth.

Generally, Instagram growth is regarded as the measure of the number of likes, comments on a user’s post, and as well as the number of new followers on their profile. This is not entirely true. I will explain what a good Instagram service is all about with a short illustration. 

Supposing three individuals registered an Instagram account on the same day, and then over a month, the first person gained about 1000 followers, but his followers do not comment or like his posts. The second person has about 750 followers and has just 100 followers who actively participate in his account content. The last one gained only 400 followers, with only 300 followers that engage in his content. 

How would you then rate their individual growth if these three individuals started on ten followers each, and they are assumed to be growing consistently every day? You would agree with me that it’s the third person with 400 followers and 300 engagement that has achieved a profitable growth on Instagram. 

This is to say that a good growth rate indicates that followers are curious about what the influencer will share next and want to follow the influencer’s content. I hope that you now understand how to identify a good Instagram growth. 

On that note, if you feel that self-growing your Instagram will be too stressful and time-consuming, you can employ the service of an Instagram growth service. I would recommend SimplyGram because they are presently one of the best. Unlike other companies, they promise real growth with real followers, which means absolutely no fake followers.

Finally, understanding Instagram’s growth helps you to make an in-depth analysis of your Instagram engagement. It allows you to explore and interact with your target audience. It improves your chances of gaining new customers and increases sales for a business account.