Types of Psychology Degrees

A career in psychology not only involves listening and studying people in order to show the solutions for any situation, but the career also needs a certain grade of passion and mercy for other people.

Psychology Degrees

In addition, this professional field does not provide general help since the spectrum of psychology needs is huge so, in order to succeed in this field, it is necessary to know in which part of psychology you should focus. According to the person’s skills, there are many options he or she may consider. Here you can have a brief review of the different psychology degrees you can obtain.

Clinical Psychology

This degree offers an experience with patients that have a serious psychological condition. Through this degree, the person would be able to apply different methods in order to treat the condition presented in the patient.

Developmental Psychology

The area studies the behaviour of a human being among themselves. With this career, the person will have the opportunity to write a psychology essay where they can explain to the rest of the guild the final result of a certain analysis. The degree is more recommendable for those that are good at observation and with high analysis skills.

Cognitive Psychology

As its name says, the degree is only focused on the study of all the processes taken in our cognitive area. Using this degree, the psychologist would be able to study the process of memory and apply experiments to volunteers in order to come up with new therapies or the discovering and unknown dysfunction. In this area, it would be also necessary to make various psychology essays in order to present the final results of the study.

Counseling Psychology

The counselling psychology seems to be similar to the first degree explained (Clinical Psychology) with the noticeable difference that this branch is focused on the study of emotions and well-being using the special techniques and a constant observation of the patients in order to discover their emotional responses towards other people.

Educational Psychology

Through this degree, psychologists get to study all the methods of teaching and learning in order to understand the process of understanding young patients so they can receive the advice, methods or techniques that suit them better to reach a successful education.

Within psychology, there are many degrees someone may obtain but now if you want to know the correct order to get to the top of the field, here you can see the degrees you will need to approach first.

Associated Degree in Psychology

At this level, there are many jobs the person can take. The associated degree takes around two years and it is usually the first step for people that decided to transfers to state universities to obtain their bachelor degree.

Bachelor Degree in Psychology

With more opportunities in the business, the bachelor degree takes four years to be completed and it is divided into Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor in Science.

Master’s Degree in Psychology

This degree can take between two or three years. It is a high-level degree where the person can afford for a job with a better payment and more experience.

Ph D. in Psychology

With a period of five to seven years to obtain the accreditation, It is a high-level degree where the psychologist have the opportunity to choose one branch to be focused on.

Doctor of Psychology

This is the highest level that lasts from five to seven years where psychologist will study the method of diagnosing disorders or special conditions.